Welcome to the Best Care
Medical Professionals Assistance Program

The Medical Professionals Assistance Program (MPAP) is a Member’s Only Program of Capital EAP, provided by Best Care, and available at no cost to Medical Professionals and their families.

  • Expert mental health counseling with highly experienced psychotherapists
  • Referrals to specialized addictions and substance abuse treatment professionals and centers
  • Traumatic event support and counseling
  • Immediate, unlimited on-line and telephonic supportive counseling
  • Physician advocacy, legal assistance and support

For administrative questions, please contact:

  • Kandie Sawyer, Chief Operations Officer, FCSCR, (518) 462-6531 Ext 114
  • Dr. Carolyn M. Jones-Assini, MD, Best Care, (518) 243-1913
  • Sarah Scavo, Human Resources, Best Care, (518) 347-5634